What are reasonable rates for skilled musicians?  

Serious musicians should be paid rates similar to other skilled, service personnel like hairdressers, specialized nurses, landscapers and masseuses.   All of the musicians in O Som Do Jazz have college degrees, years of training and significant performance experience.   Playing music is fun, but quality performances demand organization, hard work and time behind the scenes.

We keep it simple.  Our weekend rates are:

1 hour performance
$80 per musician

2 hour performance
$130 per musician

3 hour performance
$180 per musician

4 hour performance
$230 per musician

The group can be sized from 4 to 7 musicians.

Travel - $25 per hour of travel from downtown St. Petersburg

Wait time - $25 per hour per musician (when the band is required to set up hours before the performance)

Weddings and events that require significant planning and communication - 20% more

Discounted rates can be applied for repeated bookings and weekday performances.  

Give David a call to discuss possibilities at (727) 341-4363.

Real Brazilian music in Florida for St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Orlando, Miami and across the State of Florida.  Bossa Nova, samba, MPB, jazz and more!