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O Som Do Jazz recaptures the spirit of 1960-70s Brazilian samba-jazz, Bossa Nova, Balanço, Baião and MPB.

Trained as an architect Andrea moved to the Tampa Bay area from Rio de Janeiro, she began performing with her jazz musician husband, David. Andrea has a natural understanding of this wonderful music and sings from the heart, like only a Brazilian can, in Portuguese and English.

O Som Do Jazz has recorded three CDs and is delighted to present authentic Brazilian music to audiences that appreciate this beautiful music. The sextet includes Alejandro - bass & Bruno (keyboards), trombonist David, flutist/saxophonist Jose and drummer Mark. O Som Do Jazz is active performing on festivals, concerts and special events in the South and its music has been placed in the HBO series "Looking", "Grandfathered" on Fox and "The Replacement" on BBC One.

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Shouldn't you have exceptional music for your special event?  O Som Do Jazz is perfect for festivals, conferences, weddings and other special events that require the best in Brazilian music.